Court of Arbitration of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce

Easily manage your legal risk

Global expansion can be a lucrative enterprise for companies operating in the field of digital commerce. Nearly 90 percent of tech companies believe international expansion is essential for their long-term success.

But it can also be risky. Major litigation and regulatory issues can await businesses in foreign countries. Recent examples include legal battles between an American company and a former Indian business partner which hamstrung the company’s expansion on the subcontinent, and a multinational company forced to pay millions of dollars in fines following court battles in Uruguay, Australia, and the UK.

The Court of Arbitration of the European Chamber of Digital Commerce was formed in 2019 by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands (formed in 1933). The court plays a crucial role in today’s digital world. The appeal and quality of this independent arbitration institution are as valued today as ever. Fairness, even when there is a dispute, has always been the main business tradition that continues to be observed in Europe, making the region so prominent as an arbitration location.